A Catalyst for Supply Chain Profitability

Infographics can be a great way to help you see, share and realise a vision.  Below is an infographic I use to discuss how to structure a driver management program. Each circle represents an element necessary to realise the best outcomes. Understanding how to develop these elements, implement them, and maintain them is key to the overall success of your driver program.  Give me a call to discuss how this approach can deliver improved financial and operational performance


For a great discussion on why you need a program like this if you operate commercial motor vehicles, see the video here: Carrier Defense Video.  If you dont have an hour to watch the whole video, FF to about 27 minutes into the movie as the participants start to discuss nuclear verdicts, and how fault has been dis-associated from liability in the courts, giving rise to devastating financial penalties against carriers even in the absence of fault in the accident. It is the quality of your program, as identified above, that will protect your company. You need to know how to survive before that phone call comes