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Trucking Insurance Fraud in the US

If you operate trucks in the US, you want to read this article.  It is yet one more example of how trucking has become the new source of revenue for the unscrupulous.

Create a scenario where one can litigate against a trucking company to realize significant (and in this case illegal) financial returns. It's not really surprising the situation has deteriorated to this level given the excessive, or as they are being referred to, nuclear settlements, that seem to exemplify some jurisdictions and cases in the last decade. Now with the added twist of fraud and collusion amongst healthcare providers and legal representatives on behalf of the fraudsters, defending oneself just became more important, and more costly. Canadian carriers, who traditionally carry larger insurance policies when operating in the US should take note of this, and the red flags identified in the article. That license plate could be a target for fraudsters such as these. truckinginsurance bettergetadashcam

It is also one more validation for getting dashcams for your units. A single validation from a dashcam will pay for all the costs associated with it many times over.

In late October, five people in the New Orleans area were federally indicted on six counts of fraud for staging a phony crash with a truck.

The U.S. Attorney claims that the five defendants conspired to intentionally collide with a tractor- trailer then switched car drivers immediately after the incident because the crashing driver was better at smashing into trucks without getting injured. The original driver then told police he was a witness to the crash.

The group in the car strengthened their injury claims by visiting doctors who were in on the scheme, performing unnecessary treatments and writing make-believe reports. They also employed an attorney who filed claims he knew were untrue. In addition, those in the group also acted as witnesses to further bolster the case.

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