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Spoliation In Transportation

Say Hello to "spoliation."

Spoliation is a legal term related to a failure to preserve and produce evidence in a trial. Spoliation rules differ in Canada vs the US on a fundamental element: in Canada, the spoliation must be intentional. In the US that doesn’t apply, and there-in lies the pitfall for many. Should a court rule that a party failed to preserve documents or other evidence which could have been relevant to the case, the party who failed to maintain that evidence will be found to h...

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Date: January 31st at 3:48pm

Building a Major League Commercial Driver Management Program

Baseball and a Quality Commercial Driver Management Program - a lot in common


If you were about to build a baseball team and you wanted to compete to reach the top of the league, how would you go about it? Current major league practices include:

  • spend a significant amount of time and resources scouting players,
  • strong internal development programs,
  • make a team that the best players wanted to play for,
  • Use analytics in developing game plans,
  • Screen for physical condition and per...
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Date: January 11th at 7:17pm

Why You Want a Dashcam if You Operate in the US (and should really have one, even if you don't)

I have been preaching the benefits of dashcams and the studied use of telematics as a training resource for the last 12 - 18 months to anyone who operates a commercial vehicle.  One of the things I often lack is the ability to provide the punchline for some of the ideas I am promoting at any given time. In part, I think this is because I have a streak of intuition that leaps logic, and that makes it difficult for me to explain the "why".  Of course, it could also be I'm just not a great salesman...

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Date: January 11th at 6:18pm

Trucking Insurance Fraud in the US

If you operate trucks in the US, you want to read this article.  It is yet one more example of how trucking has become the new source of revenue for the unscrupulous.

Create a scenario where one can litigate against a trucking company to realize significant (and in this case illegal) financial returns. It's not really surprising the situation has deteriorated to this level given the excessive, or as they are being referred to, nuclear settlements, that seem to exemplify some jurisdictions and...

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Date: January 11th at 6:18pm

Commercial Driver Management Program: An ROI Model

Following up on my 2020 vision theme, I am going to address a few of the "Top 10 Fun" elements from my previous blog post Top 10 for 2020

By far and above, the most active part of my portfolio of services for the last 12 months has been the Safety & Compliance portfolio for transportation providers. Driven in part by the #1 of my Top 10 - trucking insurance in the current hard market.   Given that, at least for the next few months, my blogs will be leaning towards this area in an attempt to p...

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Date: January 11th at 6:18pm