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COVID 19 and Key Performance Indicators

Its day #umpeenth in the COVID-19 lockdown in Ontario. I am mostly OK with staying close to home, but the severity of the “essential” only travel is starting to wear pretty thin on me – especially as I am a fisherman and this is usually the time of year that I do my bear impersonation and climb out of the cave and into the sunlight. But I am very worried at the ravages this lockdown order is doing to the economy.

 I have been maintaining a chart of the daily new COVID 19 case counts for the pr...

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Date: April 15th at 4:39pm

Covid 19 Links and Information

Date: March 18th at 7:42am

Covid 19 Support

With the recent developments of the global pandemic,  many firms are going to presented with challenges to their organizations. Absenteeism resulting from parents needing to stay home, illness, or simply as a result of pre-emptive measures to protect your workplace are going to arise.  If your organization is faced with an inability to support appropriate policies and procedures, or day to day activities relating to safety, or operationalization of preventative measures,  please feel free to con...

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Date: March 17th at 10:06am

Covid 19 Gains Traction - Work Place Considerations

As people employed primarily in the movement of goods from one place to another, we in the logistics and trucking industry are at a high risk of exposure to infection from person-to-person transmitted diseases such as the Coronavirus has now shown itself to be.  It appears that despite the efforts of the scientific and medical community,  Covid 19 is going to gain a foothold in the community at large and will spread. This now moves the condition to a workplace hazard. This means as safety / HR f...

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Date: March 9th at 2:10pm

Spoliation In Transportation

Say Hello to "spoliation."

Spoliation is a legal term related to a failure to preserve and produce evidence in a trial. Spoliation rules differ in Canada vs the US on a fundamental element: in Canada, the spoliation must be intentional. In the US that doesn’t apply, and there-in lies the pitfall for many. Should a court rule that a party failed to preserve documents or other evidence which could have been relevant to the case, the party who failed to maintain that evidence will be found to h...

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Date: January 31st at 3:48pm