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Covid 19 Gains Traction - Work Place Considerations

As people employed primarily in the movement of goods from one place to another, we in the logistics and trucking industry are at a high risk of exposure to infection from person-to-person transmitted diseases such as the Coronavirus has now shown itself to be.  It appears that despite the efforts of the scientific and medical community,  Covid 19 is going to gain a foothold in the community at large and will spread. This now moves the condition to a workplace hazard. This means as safety / HR folks we need to consider how to mitigate and manage the risk.  Start by reviewing your practices that could increase transmission internally – do your staff share desks, share telephones? What are your processes at cross-docking locations and deliveries? How about common areas such as kitchens, coffee machines etc.? Do you have a work from home policy for employees for whom this may be a viable option?  What direction are you providing to staff who display symptoms that are consistent with Covid 19?

Under the circumstances, a prudent employer will be performing some due diligence steps to identify the points at which someone who is asymptomatic might introduce the virus to your organisation.  What can you do control the hazard?


We have all seen how one person infected with a cold who comes to work transmits it to the company at large, and in doing so creates a human version of the falling domino trail as one person after another takes ill.  Is your organisation ready for this with a condition that has shown to be debilitating in a significant portion of those infected? What does your organisation need to do to ensure adequate human resources to maintain operations in the event of an infection?

Below is an article that you may find helpful in considering this situation.